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After a lifetime of being overweight, I successfully lost 54 lbs., which changed my life in ways I could never have expected. Aside from giving me a newfound self confidence and perspective on food, my weight loss lead me to pursue a career in nutrition, naturopathy and nursing so that I could help others through my personal and professional knowledge and experience.

I first entered the world of “dieting” when I was only 8 years old, so I sympathize and am deeply familiar with the difficulties of losing weight at each stage of life. I remember struggling with my weight as a high school student, during class trips and stressful exam periods, while at birthday parties and when meeting friends at the beach. I remember what it was like as an overweight college student going out with friends to bars and restaurants, and then as a mother to young children while holding down a full time job. I know what it feels like to struggle with food choices on a daily basis while dealing with day to day stresses as things don’t turn out the way I envisioned.


Every time I hear somebody say something along the lines of “I don’t have time to take care of myself”, “I’ve failed at all possible diets”, “I’m fed up with being hungry”, or “maybe I’ll manage to lose weight once my kids have grown”, I am immediately driven to help the person understand that successful weight loss can be simple and tailored to his or her personal lifestyle. Our physical health, self esteem and overall well being does not need to come second to everything else going on in our busy lives.

As the head dietician for the DASH EXPRESS program, I have the unique opportunity to use my deep personal experiences with the weight loss challenges that arise at each stage of life to work with my team to create a personal solution for each customer based on his or her unique personal goals.

How do we custom tailor your plan?

As part of the DASH EXPRESS program you will be assigned a personal counsellor who will be available to you on your schedule without the hassle of having to travel, arrange for a babysitter or find parking. Based on the conversations and relationship you have with your coach, he or she will create a meal plan that fits your lifestyle and enables you to lose weight and feel better about yourself without strictly restricting your diet or subjecting yourself to food deprivation.
During your initial call, your counsellor will get           to know you both from a professional and           emotional standpoint:
  • You will be asked about your daily schedule: Do you work? Are you a student? Have you retired? Are you on maternity leave? Are you self-employed? What is your work environment like? Are you on your feet most of the day, or do you have a desk job in an office? While the DASH diet principles remain the same, their implementation varies based on your answers to these questions.
  • Your counselor will work with you to understand your diet history and any health issues which may affect your weight loss. These will be taken into account to make sure that the meal plan your counsellor ultimately creates for you has only a positive impact on your wellbeing.
  • Your counselor will ask questions to better understand your eating habits.Which foods are a “must have” for you? Do you prefer cooked meals or sandwiches? Do you order in and eat at restaurants often? What type of foods do you prefer not to eat? Do you find yourself eating when you’re tired, under stress, bored or angry? Do you eat too little during the day? What is your main obstacle to losing weight? By answering these questions, among others, your counsellor will be able to understand what your sustainable eating reality would look like and craft a meal plan that fits it.

Following your initial consultation, your dedicated counselor will create a customized plan based around the DASH DIETand the Premier lifestyle recommendations that fits your specific lifestyle, schedule and preferences.

As you progress through the DASH EXPRESS program, you will have weekly check-ins with your dedicated counsellor to take stock of the previous week and set small and achievable goals for the upcoming week. Because your life is ever changing, each week your coach will help you deal with upcoming changes that may impact your meal plan. For example, you will discuss and work through topics such as:
  • What do I do on vacation or on a weekend getaway?
  • What choices should I make during business meetings at restaurants?
  • How do weekends impact my eating habits?
  • What is the best way to handle family gatherings and birthdays?
  • How do I prevent personal and professional setbacks from derailing my meal plan?plan that fits it.

The goal is to make the correct choices within each situation and not to avoid it

And even if we did not meet our daily or weekly goals

We do not throw in the towel, we correct what needs to be fixed, we forgive ourselves, respect our body and move on in a balanced and sane way with a smile on our face.
You will not be hungry, you’ll feel satisfied and calm during the day, you will gain habits that you can live with 10 years forward and will leave the “dieting circle” once and for all. Because the habits you’ll gain will be yours and not anyone else’s. All this while being escorted by a partner to your journey, which will favorably affect, not only yourself, but all the people surrounding you.

Ruth Ido

head of counselling and coaching services

Because of her many responsibilities and limited time Ruth coaches only a limited number of customers enrolled in the VIP plan at any given time.

If you’re interested in the VIP plan please contact Ruth’s assistant directly at via email to receive details.

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